Murder Gone Mad by Philip MacDonald (ePUB)

Murder Gone Mad by Philip MacDonald (The Detective Club)

English | 2016 | Mystery | 2 MB

The first Golden Age detective novel to feature a serial killer with no rational motive – and surely impossible for Scotland Yard to solve?

A long knife with a brilliant but perverted brain directing it is terrorising Holmdale – innocent people are being done to death under the very eyes of the law. After every murder a business-like letter arrives announcing that another ‘removal has been carried out’, and Inspector Pyke of Scotland Yard has nothing to go on but the evidence of the bodies themselves and the butcher’s own bravado. With clear thinking impossible in the face of such a breathless killing spree, the police make painfully slow progress: but how do you find a maniac who has no rational motive?

Philip MacDonald had shown himself in The Noose and The Rasp to be a master of the detective novel. In Murder Gone Mad he raised the stakes with the first Golden Age crime novel to feature a motiveless serial killer prompted only by blood lust – inspired by the real-life case in 1929 of the Düsseldorf Monster – and this time without the familiar Anthony Gethryn on hand to reassure the reader.

This Detective Story Club classic is introduced by L. C. Tyler, Chair of the Crime Writers Association and author of the award-winning ‘Elsie and Ethelred’ crime novels and the John Grey historical mysteries.


Cry Havoc by Jack Hanson (ePUB)

Cry Havoc by Jack Hanson

English | 2016 | Science Fiction | 3.5 MB

“Join the military, see the world” still has the same draw in the future of 2410 as it did all the ages in the past. When the military consists of cosmopolitan alien races, conflict on the borders, and intelligent dinosaurs fighting alongside you, it is only that much more enticing.

Yet for the cadets in their last year of Ganymede Military Academy, they have other worries than simply what the next year in the Janissary Corps will bring. Jane Harper is a master tactician, but cannot look someone in the eye to speak. Paris Fairnought is greater in all physical aspects to his fellow cadets, but hates the price that was paid for his superior abilities. Salem Winchester is pretty, poised, and looks perfect on the outside, but inside she fears that she will fail as a Janissary. Sand Falconer has a smile for everyone, but his small stature makes him a target for malcontents.

Into the midst of these four teenagers, full of self doubts, steps Assault Sergeant Alexander Black, on special detail to instruct them. The veteran of over a hundred close combat assaults, he has been tasked with molding them into an elite fighting quartet, and he will not be alone in this endeavor.

A deadly Khajali Schismatic will show them the meaning of conviction and how to apply to their battles on and off the battlefield. Having turned his back on the wanton, pillaging culture of his people, he knows what it means to walk away from everything to be true to yourself.

Two Old Blooded, the self aware and intelligent dinosaurs who fight alongside humanity, will teach them the wisdom they’ve learned through hard struggle in over sixty years of combat.

These external forces act upon Epsilon Squad, and the four cadets begin to bond in spite of themselves. That bond allows them to survive a disastrous live patrol, and brings them together when a monster from Black’s past arrives and brings all the dark secrets of the Terran Empire with it. Can they overcome their flaws and become the heroes they were born to be? Will the legacy that they are tainted with bring them down, or will it raise them up to become the greatest champions humanity could ever ask for and allow them to Cry Havoc across the stars?


Figure Eight by Calia Read (ePUB)

Figure Eight by Calia Read

English | 2017 | Suspense & Romance | 572 KB

Dear Selah,

Do you remember me?

Of course you don’t. So I’m going to give you a refresher course.

I’ve known you for years and years. We used to have beautiful conversations. There was no one that knew you better than me. We were handmade for each other.

Lately, it’s become achingly obvious you’re miserable. You’ve moved back home to take care of your ailing mother. You’ve been looking for a new job, but that’s not going well. Admit it: it’s all too much.

Everyone around you sees your suffering, but they’re not willing to help you.

Everyone but Jackson.

He comes into your life at the perfect moment and offers you everything you could want: a shoulder to lean on, love, and most importantly, hope.

But there’s no one that can compare to me. You seem to forget that I’m your figure 8. Your infinity. You try to run, but I will always find you.

Yours Truly,

Figure 8


FUBAR: A Collection of War Stories by Weston Ochse (ePUB)

FUBAR: A Collection of War Stories by Weston Ochse

English | 2017 | Action & Adventure | 5.4 MB

A complete cumulation of Weston’s war stories and essays, created over nearly twenty years by a military veteran with more than thirty years of service.

From 1997 to now, works never before published, this collection brings together all genres of the work Weston has written that is based around conflict and war.


Blackout by Mark Dawson (ePUB, MOBI)

Blackout by Mark Dawson (John Milton #10)

English | 2017 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.5 MB

An offer he couldn’t refuse. A murder he can’t remember…

John Milton’s life is about to change. The former government assassin follows a lead to Manila that he hopes will change his life. But he never expected to wake up in an unfamiliar hotel room beside a murder victim. And, unfortunately for him, Milton doesn’t remember a thing about the night before.


Taming War By Charlie Richards (ePUB)

Taming War By Charlie Richards (A Loving Nip 12)

English | 2017 | M/M Romance | 123 KB

Just a little Love Bite: When the unexpected happens, it doesn’t always mean the end.

When the Horseman of War decides to have a little fun and he accompanies a favored demon into the human realm to join in a skirmish, he never expects to meet a vampire that jumpstarts his libido. A romp with Monte Hanover would be fun, passionate, and maybe even worthy of a repeat…after they finish the battle, of course. To his surprise, he helps rescue a prairie dog shifter that brings out protective instincts he didn’t even know he was capable of. Unfortunately, little Xerxes turns out to be Monte’s beloved. Scratching his itch with either man seems unlikely. Then, the unthinkable happens, and he realizes without his intervention, it would mean the death of both men. Can he take that leap? Or will War decide two lives, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t really worth the changes he’d need to make?


The Child Snatcher by Aria Johnson (ePUB, MOBI)

The Child Snatcher by Aria Johnson

English | 2016 | Mystery & Thriller | 2.7 MB

With the same gripping tension of The Girl on the Train and The Good Girl, The Child Snatcher tells the suspenseful story of a mother trying to save her lazy son from himself and then from an enigmatic woman of dubious character who seems determined to systematically destroy her small family.

Claire Wilkins is at her wits’ end with her son, Brandon, a college dropout who spends his time lounging around the house. Claire, tired of seeing him waste his life playing video games and trolling the Internet, gives him an ultimatum: get a job, get back to school…or get out.

Brandon decides to move in with a total stranger that he met in an online porn chatroom. This mysterious young woman, Ava, abruptly leads him down a dark path into a dangerous world. Terrified for her now distant son, Claire tries to entice Brandon to return home and discovers the true nature of his toxic and abusive relationship with Ava.

But her world explodes when Brandon does the unthinkable. Her only glimmer of hope is discovering that Brandon and Ava are expecting a child. Claire believes she coddled Brandon too much and that she was a terrible mother. But maybe she can get a second chance and be a much better grandparent. Unfortunately, Ava’s plan for hers and Brandon’s child does not include Claire. In fact, Ava’s plan is so nefarious that Claire is willing to risk everything, including her life, to save her innocent grandson.

A spellbinding race against time, The Child Snatcher is a timely and terrifying thrill ride that will haunt you long after you’ve turned the final page.


Jade Gods by Patrick Freivald (ePUB)

Jade Gods by Patrick Freivald (Matt Rowley #3)

English | 2016 | Urban Fantasy | 4.1 MB

As the world frays into occultism and terror, Matt Rowley stands at a crossroads. To rescue his comrade, Isuji Sakura. he must betray the oaths he swore to his country, a country that with every passing day becomes more dangerous to those around him. As nephilim reveal themselves as modern-day gods demanding sacrifice and worship, Matt’s unique abilities draw him away from his wife and son, whose own powers have made them targets of zealots and government extremists.

When a killer crosses the veil to seek revenge on Rowley for killing him, gibbering horrors cross into reality with him, rending life and sanity to slake their insatiable thirsts. The line between reality and madness slips, catching Matt and his family between.


Garden of Thorns by Amber Mitchell (ePUB, MOBI)

Garden of Thorns by Amber Mitchell

English | 2017 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 1.6 MB

After seven grueling years of captivity in the Garden—a burlesque troupe of slave girls—sixteen-year-old Rose finds an opportunity to escape during a performance for the emperor. But the hostage she randomly chose from the crowd to aid her isn’t one of the emperor’s men—not anymore. He’s the former heir to the throne, who is now leading a rebellion against it.