Cry Havoc by Jack Hanson (ePUB)

Cry Havoc by Jack Hanson

English | 2016 | Science Fiction | 3.5 MB

“Join the military, see the world” still has the same draw in the future of 2410 as it did all the ages in the past. When the military consists of cosmopolitan alien races, conflict on the borders, and intelligent dinosaurs fighting alongside you, it is only that much more enticing.

Yet for the cadets in their last year of Ganymede Military Academy, they have other worries than simply what the next year in the Janissary Corps will bring. Jane Harper is a master tactician, but cannot look someone in the eye to speak. Paris Fairnought is greater in all physical aspects to his fellow cadets, but hates the price that was paid for his superior abilities. Salem Winchester is pretty, poised, and looks perfect on the outside, but inside she fears that she will fail as a Janissary. Sand Falconer has a smile for everyone, but his small stature makes him a target for malcontents.

Into the midst of these four teenagers, full of self doubts, steps Assault Sergeant Alexander Black, on special detail to instruct them. The veteran of over a hundred close combat assaults, he has been tasked with molding them into an elite fighting quartet, and he will not be alone in this endeavor.

A deadly Khajali Schismatic will show them the meaning of conviction and how to apply to their battles on and off the battlefield. Having turned his back on the wanton, pillaging culture of his people, he knows what it means to walk away from everything to be true to yourself.

Two Old Blooded, the self aware and intelligent dinosaurs who fight alongside humanity, will teach them the wisdom they’ve learned through hard struggle in over sixty years of combat.

These external forces act upon Epsilon Squad, and the four cadets begin to bond in spite of themselves. That bond allows them to survive a disastrous live patrol, and brings them together when a monster from Black’s past arrives and brings all the dark secrets of the Terran Empire with it. Can they overcome their flaws and become the heroes they were born to be? Will the legacy that they are tainted with bring them down, or will it raise them up to become the greatest champions humanity could ever ask for and allow them to Cry Havoc across the stars?

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